October 2015


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There will be a service on Sunday, June 9th, at 1:00pm and we'll be streaming live. This will be a special Holy Ghost filled service. You will not want to miss this. Kent and Tammy will be here to bless you in song. Don't let anything stop you from coming.


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We will be celebrating Reverend Leroy Jenkin's 53rd Anniversary in the ministry this Sunday. Please join us in celebration!


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WE WILL BE STREAMING LIVE - Don't miss out! This will be his LAST SERVICE! We wanted to notify you of the last service I am having, here at the Scottsdale Castle Theater. I have poured out my heart every Sunday, even when I did not feel well myself. I’’ve put my whole life into this ministry and have been here to bless and pray for all of you. I will be setting up crusades to do my first works over again. I hope you will come out and be with me for this special service. I will look forward to seeing all of you. Everyone is welcome


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Don't Miss This Crusade! Dear Partner and Friend, I feel led to share with you on Sunday, February 17th at 1:00pm, my entire testimony of the night I was healed in A.A. Allen’s meeting many years ago, . I am going to play the actual recording of that night so you can hear for yourself what a great miracle I received. I am also going to give each one of you a small bottle of oil and water. God said that many miracles are going to happen for you this year. Do not let the devil stop you from being here. Come early to get a seat. I look forward to seeing you this Sunday.

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Dory S. Charlotte, NC

When Rev. Jenkins walked my way, he looked at me and my sisters and didn't know which one of us to choose first. He spoke to me first and gave me a bottle of the water to drink and told me that God was going to heal the rare blood…

Gloria J. Columbia, SC

Rev. Jenkins, I am the one who reached out and touched you! You turned around like Jesus and asked, "Who touched me?" I had been in pain on the right side of my stomach for such a long time. The pain disappeared at once! In 1989 I was diagnosed with…

Essie B. Charlotte, NC

When Rev. Jenkins was walking down the aisle in Charlotte, he looked at me holding my cane and he said I had an angel on my shoulder. He asked me how long I had been on the cane and I said for more than four or five years. He gave…

Mushir J. West Babylon, NY

Rev. Jenkins, I came to Charlotte all the way from New York. Rev. Jenkins called me out and my wife to pray for her bi-polar condition. He also saw in the spirit that I had had a heart operation. I have to tell you Rev. Jenkins is a real man…

Mary T. Charlotte, NC

Rev. Jenkins, because of sugar diabetes, the conditions in my body and in my health have gotten worse and worse. They really can't find what's wrong with me since the time I was a little girl. I was going blind and every organ in my body was affected, especially my…

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